We are creative and visionary

We do things differently
to do them better.

If you keep walking past the barbers, eventually you'll get a haircut.

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pride in each service


Creation, restyling and repositioning of company and product brands for consolidation or presentation on new markets. Reputation monitoring and online investigations.


We create websites, e-commerce and web content with scalable, secure and future-proof technologies, choosing the right tools based on the project requirements.


Tell us about yourself, your ideals, your projects and let us create your image: emotional involvement and brand awareness are the basis of our projects.

advanced services

Have you ever wondered what customers want that you don’t have yet?

  • Start offering useful services and you will improve your online reputation.
  • Show that you can be closer to potential customers than others.
  • Offer innovative solutions.
  • Never think that you have already done everything possible to take advantage of the web.
Ask us for an opinion: without obligation, you could discover new opportunities to help your customers and expand the quantity.
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Our best experiences in the field

If you think that a professional will cost you too much,
it’s because you have no idea how much an incompetent will cost you at the end.

Packaging industry

Web sites, traffic analysis, stand design, catalog design
international exposure
Specialist customer

Sports equipment industry

Web sites, e-commerce, logo creation, products design, catalog design, commercial photos, packaging design, social creativity, traffic analysis
international exposure
Specialist & Visionary customer

Clothing trade

Web sites, e-commerce, social creativity, traffic analysis, employee training
national exposure
Specialist customer

Medical office

Web sites, logo design, leaflets design, commercial photos, management software supply, employee training
regional exposure
Expert customer

Restaurant sector

Web sites, leaflets design, logo restiling, packaging design, social creativity, employee training
provincial exposure
Visionary customer
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we have a single level: elevated.

High quality for every need

We offer the same quality of service and dedication for the needs of both a small professional company and a large company with multiple locations.

what kind of professionist are you?



If in Your work You have comprehensive and authoritative knowledge or skill in a particular area.


If in the elaboration of projects or in the exposition of concepts you lets be carried away by imagination and feeling.


For activities mainly focused on a particular topic or highly qualified activities or services in a specific and narrow field.

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like a perfect haircuts

Like an expert barber, we examine each client’s strengths, style and character by creating a custom line of work that maintains the basic features while enhancing them. Only in this way it’s possible to give personality to a job.

Each person has their own personality. Each customer has its own peculiarities. Therefore, each job must uniquely reflect and distinguish the business or product to be promoted.

If you get to know us better, you will discover that DOT is not an agency in which traditional marketing rules are applied.

We use a lot of our time to talk to our clients about what they believe in, to learn about their work, their ideals and their goals.

With the awareness of not being the only ones to do this work but also with the conviction that we have to be among the most innovative and intelligent and closer to the customer.

Our headquarters is located in a land that has given birth to the greatest inventions in human history.

New ideas born
from the land of Leonardo.

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